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Séjour en ville

Stay to Deauville

Our Residence next to Deauville - 7 min - 3 km
Situated on the Flowery Coast(Rib), Deauville is a French sea resort renowned for its famous boards and its festival of the American cinema, for its horse races and its "Grand Prix" or still its tournaments of golf. Our hotel is only in 10 minutes of Deauville, (…)

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Weekend to Trouville

Our Residence near Trouville sur Mer - 8 min - 4 km A only 2 Paris time, Trouville is a stopover not to be missed during a stay in Normandy. Crowned "Queens of beaches", Trouville opens on the sea and offers about 2 km of beach where tourists and inhabitants (…)

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Visit Honfleur

Welcome to Honfleur - 20 min - 15 km
At the same time adventuress and royal, Honfleur was an important village in the XIXth century. This small maritime, old city of more than 1 000 years, knew always how to put forward its multiple attractions at the same time port of estuary and seaport, it benefits (…)

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Visit Jumièges

Jumièges, the mesmerizing - 55 min - 88 km
Famous for its sound abbey, Jumièges wears the stigmas of its long last years to be watched the region. We strongly recommend you the bend! By visiting Jumièges, you will cross the times, leaving of the Middle Ages in our days. The immense tours of the Abbey, (…)


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Visit Etretat

Etretat, naturally beautiful - 60 min - 65 km You cannot have a stay or a weekend in Normandy without discovering to it the exceptional natural site of Etretat that are cliffs cut in doors, in needles or still in pinnacles! Little by little transformed into sea resort, this city of fishermen has (…)


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