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Visit Jumieges

Our Residence near Jumièges - 55 min - 88 km

Famous for its sound abbey, Jumièges carries(wears) the stigmas of its long last years to be watched the region. We strongly recommend you the bend!

By visiting Jumièges, you will cross the times, leaving of the Middle Ages in our days. The immense tours of the abbey, going out of this decoration of English countryside, will bewitch you. Become a cultural and artistic center, you can discover in this place steeped in history, exposures contemporary which will take all their sense there.

Visit to Jumièges :

  • > Visit the abbey Saint-Peter of Jumièges, more beautiful ruin of France

  • > Go hiking in the Regional Natural reserve of the Buckles of the Norman Seine

  • > Practice the golf at the base of height-air and leisure activities


Go off to explore treasures of the region in the day or a half-day to Etretat or Rouen during your holidays to the south Sweet Home Résidence Deauville!

For more information to prepare your weekend in Normandy, visit the site of the Tourist office:


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