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Weekend to Trouville

Our Residence near Trouville sur Mer - 8 min - 4 km

In only 2 Paris time, Trouville is a stopover not to be missed during a stay in Normandy. Crowned " Queens of beaches ", Trouville opens on the sea and offers about 2 km of beach where tourists and inhabitants stroll at any time of the day.

Fine sand beach or of shells, the reputation of the beaches(ranges) of Trouville is not to be any more made. She seduces moreover from the XIXth century of numerous artists and the fashion of the journey stopped making its reputation of place of sailing. Take advantage of our residence next to Trouville to visit the city!

In the old town, more than 2 km of alleys and passages train(form) a labyrinth of narrow houses made by red and white bricks.

To make during your weekend in Normandy:

  • > Venture the sail

  • > Make a tour(ballot) in pony

  • > Take advantage of the sun during a part of petanque

  • > Share a moment in family in the mini-golf


For this cheap weekend in Normandy, and situated well, our 2-star residence near Trouville will be the ideal starting point because of its central position and its closeness in main highways. Do not miss Honfleur with his buildings in the facades of slates.

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