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Regional nature parks

Varied landscapes and gardens

Besides its historic beaches and its cliffs, Normandy abounds in a big diversity of landscapes. Valleys, plains, Norman bocages and forests of oaks and beeches … Discover, through the regional natural reserves, this Norman countryside to miles reliefs for a weekend Norman 100 %!

South Sweet Home Résidence Deauville listed for you the exceptional sites.

Protected natural spaces:

  • Regional natural reserve Normandy - Maine: the Pit Arthour is this 70 meter abyss which opens in front of you. Arrived at the summit, you will remain amazed by this magnificent panorama..

  • Regional natural reserve of the Perche(Perch): succession of forests, valleys and bocages to be discovered at its pace, having a walk by bicycle, on horseback or on foot.

  • Regional natural reserve of the Buckles of the Norman Seine: following the river, orchards prosper. The know-how of the truck farmers is passed on from generation to generation. On this occasion, you can set off for a circuit dedicated to regional ciders.

  • Regional natural reserve of the Swamps of Contentin and Bessin: boarding for a river walk.

Gardens :

About 150 gardens are opened to the public. English, perfumed gardens or emphasizing works of art, the gardens of Normandy are an invitation in the pondering and in the awakening of the senses.

Reserve your stay to the south Sweet Home Résidence Deauville, for a fast access to your excursions. During your weekend in Normandy, choose our hotel near Deauville, put on good shoes or get on a bicycle to go off to explore this magnificent region.

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