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In Normandy, the horse is a king! Whether it is centers of breeding, riding schools or for his horse races, if you like horses, it is the inescapable destination in France to quench your passion. Then prepare fast your stay in Normandy!

Meeting in one of 650 riding schools, clubs or associations during your weekend near Deauville and join an introductory course or of improvement, or just for the pleasure to wander in the nature in the conquest of the Norman territory.

Clairefontaine de Deauville Racecourse

In weekend to the south Sweet Home Résidence Deauville, the racecourse is the symbolic place where find themselves the enthusiasts of horses, keen on races and all the Parisian and Norman high society. Much more than a place where it is good to show itself, the racecourse establishes a place of relaxation, leisure activities and shows. It is moreover the only racecourse in 3 disciplines and welcomes horse races of flat, trot and obstacles.

In family or between friends, reserve an apartment for 3 or 4 people in our hotel near Deauville and meeting in only 10 minutes in the racecourse to admire the parade of these pure blood.

course deauville.jpg

Photo par macayran Pixabay

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